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We can design your short & medium term rentals!

Our rental design service offers a three-tiered program to design and furnish your rental property, using durable furniture and accents that can stand up to the wear and tear of tenants. We earn five-star reviews for our quick turnaround and attention to detail when it comes to making your rental look like a desirable home.  Choose the tiered package that best suits your needs!

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Medium-Term Rental Management

Suburban Homes


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At Hamer Homes KS, we pride ourselves on our expertise in investing. We use local data, comparables, and intimate market knowledge to determine whether or not your property would make a profitable medium-term rental. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the guidance and support needed for successful investing.


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Our comprehensive property management helps you maximize your investment. We handle everything from finding and settling in tenants to ensuring their happiness during their stay. Plus, we coordinate cleaning for turnovers so you can focus on higher-leverage tasks.


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Owners who trust us to manage their medium-term rentals and utilize our furnishing services only pay 20% of the rent for a management fee.  All other investors pay a 25% management fee for our services. This keeps your return on investment high and your return on time even higher!


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