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All About Hamer Homes

Hamer Homes KS LLC was founded by Joseph and Stevee Hamer as a way to unite their passions for real estate and design.  Joseph offers the comprehensive knowledge and deep relational capabilities necessary to guide homeowners through the selling process.  He is fueled by finding ways in which all parties walk away smiling.  Once Hamer Homes acquires the property, Stevee's unquestionable eye for design takes over. Her signature style, while neutral, natural, and comforting; is focused on function and durability.  Together, this husband and wife duo has built Hamer Homes upon relationships, integrity, and a dedication to loving life together.


All About the Hamers

Joseph was born and raised in Wichita and has been teaching in USD 259 since 2017.  He loves making a positive impact on the way children think and interact with the world around them.  Stevee, like Joseph, loves to support others.  She is a nurse at a local physician's office.  Because of how consuming their W-2 jobs are, the Hamers look forward to spending the evening hours of sweat equity together.  Whether it be tearing out a kitchen, laying flooring, or picking out the final touches; their happiness is together.  Hamer Homes KS LLC was originally created exactly for that reason–to reclaim their lives together.   This couple has intentionally gained their knowledge from mentors, books, podcasts, webinars, and countless hours studying design on Instagram–at least that’s what they’re calling it. The Hamers cultivate a culture where everyone who collaborates with them feels light, valued and supported.  Sellers, realtors, and contractors that work with the couple appreciate the structure, environment, and clarity that the duo continues to establish.

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